10%discount on upgrade not applied

Hello, i was 12 days into my cubase elements 11 trial . I recieved an email saying purchase today and get 10% of price. The price was $82, I copied the code into the code box, I believe this code was “cubase 11”, and either way it was a direct copy. However even though it was offered and I follewed instructions this was still charged at $82. I imagine the charge should have been $74. How can this be fixed? Cubase 11 is working so all I need to do is get creative on it, fingers crossed.


Did you order it on the Steinberg’s Online Shop, please?

If yes, ask the support of the shop, please.

Yes it was the online shop

Yes Martin, I sent the order number and customer number, amount paid and date paid to the online shop, I also sent copies of the offer as an attached picture of the email offer I got. I know it was not much money but still I am entitled to have the 10% so I look forward to their response. Thanks for replying. Adrian

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Hi Martin, Do I need to have to log in and password that is separate to the one’s I use for My Steinburg log in. I was just wondering because I went to log in to Online shop support portal. It says it does not recognize my password which is strange because it is being typed in the same as my normal forum log in. It is unusual as I did not need to use a password to create ’ a ticket’ as I just put my order number in, customer number, stuff etc. Anyway, cheers for being there. AJ


The Online Steinberg Shop is operated by other company, so their account is not in sync with Steinberg’s forum and MySteinberg account. So it might be, you have been using different credentials.

Well I must say I am disappointed (and I feel even if there is some form of vague process I am not aware of, i feel this is dodgy at best Customer service support for a product I have recently purchased to say the least the private details I provide to a ‘third party’ whom do not even let us register our email with them , or say go to your local distributor). Thanks Martin for your info, ultimately there is a problem with the way this is set up perhaps[s outside your control personally. In this case a music store in my region which I feel will get nowhere. For one, I have been dooced into thinking I will save $7.80 and no I feel helpless and may as well give up and allow the robbery to stand seeming as you have made it so hard to 'enquire into the updates of my ‘submitted ticket’ It should be further noted, than when submitting the order number, amounts, and customer numbers and email address to this third part, there is is no mention to the need to be a registered member, nor is there mention that if Steinburg or Askshop or whoever say they can’t help and pass it off to a distributor well I can say that is not in the spirit of what Cubase is equipped to provider as customer service (considering how big Steinburg is). For anyone not completely sure of what the matter is, I was offered 10% off, I copied the code as it was provided into the box to add the code to have the discount applied it was not applied , now I cant get any feedback from this third party (online shop) because any attempt to put an email in, and ask for password to change says I am not authorized to register for that service. It just deflects me to Music Workx a shop near where I live as a distributor. I also entered lots of details into the little chat box thing on their support page but realized as it replies we will be in touch as soon as possible, thanks. and now I realize they may never respond back to me. To be sarcastic, real good set up structure. Thanks

Hi Martin, please discard some of the post i posted before this one. You are right, there are different credentials, i did acknolwedge and understand that but i could forsee that the actual email account was on.my lesser use secondary email/gmail. See my email provided was my hotmail on the order, and is my login to my steinburg. Further at this point i have tried the other secondary email and rather tha. say i have no account it said over 30 mins ago i will recieve a email to reset my password. I still cant see any email yet from the online shop but i hope it is just delayed a bit. i will let you know if there are further problems but let’s hope it’s going to proceed as per expected. Thank you