10 reasons I love Dorico

  • Overall, the engraving is perfect and simple, and the sounds demonstrate years of work.
  • The workflow is fast and convenient, with many features accessible with keyboard alone. It is seriously made for creativity.
  • It has full support for many modern techniques, sounds, and styles, including film scoring, artificial harmonics, VST support (yeah I know Steinberg created VSTS haha), and humanization of playback.
  • Works well with other software.
  • Iconica Sketch sounds are the perfect balance of both accurate (for orchestration) and basic (runs on a 2013 Mac with 8 GB memory)
  • The automatic grouping of dynamics is really handy and easy to turn off.
  • Recording live without any built-in latency.
  • Automatic diagnostics. I hardly ever would use diagnostics and report bugs to Muse Group because I just got used to them. But Dorico creates a diagnostic file on your desktop where it is really hard to ignore. :rofl:
  • It has a Discourse based forum where you get quick responses and don’t have to reload the page every time someone makes a comment. You guys have really helped me a lot :smiley:
  • It has a mobile app for composing on the go.

There are many other reasons as well. I am seriously impressed with Steinberg’s work, especially after moving away from Muse Group’s software.