100% FLAT GUI for Next Cubase

no border
no 3d transport / buttons /knobs / GUI / Track Hearders

And other people like me would absolutely hate that flatness. I grew up with fake 3D buttons and window borders, and it makes it easier for the eye to navigate the UI. You can clearly see where the sections of the UI are separated and what is a clickable, interactive element like a button, and what is just an icon to label an information.

But hey, Ableton Live might be your thing then.


i hate ableton,
daws are not visual art, sound matters ok but, flat view increases speed (workflow) this is my opinion

Well, you’re free to have any opinion of course. However, I believe it would not increase any workflow speed. What actually increases workflow speed are:

  • learning your software by using it often
  • good UI layouts, that minimize menu diving and mouse travel distance
  • good implementation of drag 'n drop
  • using keyboard shortcuts or even macros
  • customizing the UI elements to your needs (Cubase allows to do that in many areas)
  • creating and using templates for your songs or effect chains, etc.

I disagree - since flat designs have zero impact on my workflow speed compared to the items listed by @DAC_Protogen

Funny, I hate Ableton Live too, because the UI is completely flat. :slight_smile:


I must admit, I couldn’t stand using the trial version of Ableton either, because of the flat UI. For me, Cubase 11 is the easiest-on-the-eye DAW. Just personal preference.

Anything done to the UI in the 2020s should be done by template though, so that different users can configure it to their tastes. Some like dark, some bright, some monochrome, some gaudily colored. Can’t please everyone, so work on a good template and give people the ability to tweak it.

Or just leave it alone: I think it’s fine as is.



I think the key with anything is to find a balance, and I would say Steinberg has found a pretty darn good balance.

I am not for a full flat GUI but I think Cubase could be a bit more calmer.

Disagree, sorry. :-1:

I like the UI as it is, presently (11.0.xx), and truely think that there are much more urgent things to fix in Cubase than an umpteenth change in this department…

yes it’s really been a program of constant GUI tweaks… pretty much every Cubase release. I’m glad they’ve happened, and I’m happy with where things have landed… keyword… landed.

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what i want to say, for example F11 this part doesn’t have to give a 3d feel, it could be modern flat that section (F11)

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I dunno… check your OCD maybe.

Oh, if it is only that bit… I don’t mind. I never even use these.

I would disagree on that, control knobs and buttons look horrible when flattened.

Steinberg should spend more time fixing a long list of carried forward bugs rather than fiddking around with the UI. Changes to UI are a headache for lomg established workflows. If they want to fiddle around with the UI they shoukld give the user the default know UI and then an option to change if wanted.

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Agree with the criticisms of the flat design fetish here. For me, the biggest problem with the Cubase UI is busyness and distraction. Mainly it’s because of a lack of hierarchy in contrast & emphasis relative to function. Between the toolbars, rulers, and inspectors, the arrange area is surrounded by a peripheral mess of unneccesarily vivid, chunky, high-contrast buttons and elements which pull the eye away from the content being worked on. It’s a subtle problem but I feel it does effect my focus just a little.

example Studio one was the worst in contrast, We get incredibly tired after working for 1 hour. that’s why we don’t use studio one,
but Although cubase is not as much, it can still be simpler

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Me personally, not a fan of complete flatness. Cubase GUI has grown flatter than it used to be, like in SX3.

Totally. That is what I meant by being calmer.