100 free mechanical samples.

Here is a little sample pack I did while working on other bigger projects.

It contains 100 samples: 50 Switches and 50 electrical motors, all recorded with a Zoom H1.

I made a quick demo with some of the sounds for you to check out:

The whole pack is released under a CC license and is 100% free:


Feel free to listen to my free tunes while you whait for the download and check out my other free samplepack while you’re at my page :slight_smile:


I really need to make better use of my Zoom, i.e. go out and start recording things like this too.

This is great news for me, though I haven’t yet downloaded it. Has someone made multis yet for Kontakt?

No multis for Kontakt yet as far as I know. My plan is to get Kontakt in the near future, so I can make them myself, but I’d like to start on building a modular synth system too. Too many choises :smiley:

But get out and about with your Zoom, it’s a great way to hear the world.

Still free, go grab 'em :sunglasses: