1000 E's/1450 bucks to spend..

I’m a home/bedroom studio techno producer, and I have 1000 Euro/1450 US Dollar to spend…

This is my current setup placed on a desk against a symetric wall of my bedroom, witout any room threatment but with carpet and curtains(little reflections/reverb when I clap my hands…):

  • Focusrite Saffire LE audio interface (FR 20hz-20khz)
  • M-audio BX5a Deluxe monitor speakers(fun for starters, but crap to mix on)
  • Quad Core i7 pc running Cubase 5(fine here, no need to upgrade and enough plugs)
  • A pair of Sennheiser HD280 headphones(fine)

I would like to focus on the acoustic physic side of things, so please be so kind to share your thoughts on new monitors/subwoofer and/or room threatment.

Since there was little reflections and reverberations in my bedroom, I was thinking about getting some decent monitors/and or a subwoofer…

Feel free to share your thoughts!