1000 euro's to spend..

I’m a bedroom techno producer, and I have 1000 Euro/1450 US Dollar to spend…

This is my current setup placed on a desk against a symetric wall of my bedroom, witout any room threatment but with carpet and curtains(little reflections/reverb when I clap my hands…):

  • Focusrite Saffire LE audio interface (FR 20hz-20khz)
  • M-audio BX5a Deluxe monitor speakers(fun for starters, but crap to mix on)
  • Quad Core i7 pc running Cubase 5(fine here, no need to upgrade and enough plugs)
  • A pair of Sennheiser HD280 headphones(fine)

I would like to focus on the acoustic physic side of things, so please be so kind to share your thoughts on new monitors/subwoofer and/or room threatment.

Since there was little reflections and reverberations in my bedroom, I was thinking about getting some decent monitors/and or a subwoofer…

Feel free to share your thoughts!

“witout any room threatment but with carpet and curtains”

You room is full of resonances and reflections - clapping you hands is not a good test in small rooms

Aw man… This acoustic room threatment is giving me headaches man… I just want to get some nice monitors, but I just know I have to threat the room first LOL!


Invest in music lessons. :mrgreen:

lol :laughing:


I’d see a doctor about that Clap! :open_mouth:

She no lie…
She no lie…
She no lie…


Well, to be on topic for a change, (ahem… clearing throat… :laughing: ) why not invest in some better monitors AND some treatment for the room? 1000 Euros sounds like a fair bit of cash… A bedroom is still a bedroom, no matter how you treat it, it will not be perfect. (are you using it as a bedroom also?)

It seems from reading here and other forums that regardless of your monitors or room, and in my own experience, sooner or later you will find the right combination of process to get a decent mix regardless of the physics.

On the other hand, and drifting off topic again, all that cash and a bedroom, ooh la la! :laughing: But that’s a different kind of “mix” :wink: That might even come with the Duck’s suggestion!

Yes, agreed. Spend 500 euro’s on monitors (KRK RP6’s or something similar) and spend the other 500 euro on sound treatment. Some wood, cloth and rockwool can make a lot of difference, when applied properly…
There’s a lot of info on the web regarding bass traps and the like.

And you can always ask Paul for some advice, of course! :slight_smile:

Yeah I know, I have been reading alot about threatment lately… The thing is, yes I do live in this appartment, and yes I do sleep in the same room. Unfortunately, that is the situation… I only scored one digital release yet, and focus on more in the future but it’s not like I can make a living out of it(more on the hobby side)…

The bedroom is 3.15 by 3.75 meter and the ceiling is lower on the side of the wall where my desk and the speakers are on but the width and depth of the room is symmetric, the ceiling is not… Let’s face it, the room is bad for a mixing environment , so I’m trying to find ways to improve my end mixes facing the situation I’m in with my small appartment…

I find those very attractive, I can get them for 390 e’s each new:


I can get these for 500 a pair and add some room theatment:


Thanks for the reply’s so far, I apreciate it!

I’ve a pair of the smaller JBLs. The larger ones would sound better, and that would definitely not be a bad thing. The 2325Ps are clear and full. I’d wager you could mix on them with no issues.

Thanks, that’s usefull user based info! I do mostly electronic/techno music, and I have a weak spot for bass heavy stuff…

I’m going to listen to those tomorrow, and they also have the Yamaha’s and the KRK VXT series in the store so that will be interesting…

I’ve been looking at those JBL’s myself, they are shit hot :smiley:
Haven’t heard them yet, post up what you think of them!

They sounded very smooth, much low end for 5’’ monitors… But they sounded a little too smooth, almost hifi like… Not per se a bad thing, they will be pleasant to mix on for long periods, but lack a little mid/hi’s…

When I switched from the 5’’ JBL’s between the VXT6’s and the Yamaha HS80M’s, it was clear that the JBL’s lack mid/high clarity. And I must add to this the HS80’s sounded harsh and over hyped/detailed in the mid/hi’s.

The KRK8’s were obviously king, they sounded the most neutral, but those are out of my league since my audio interface goes from 20hz to 20 khz, and the VXT’s go up to 22khz…

Looks like I’m going to find myself a shop where I can listen to the JBL LSR2328-P’s…

You have got to be kidding, right?

Since when is it not to be considered using something better than what your CURRENT spec can deliver?

You must have bats in the belfry.

Good luck hearing between 20 and 22k, unless you’re a dog. (not a duck) :laughing:

Well, the idea is that there is interaction that happens from those frequencies, with lower frequencies.

and even if you can it’s got no bearing on music :slight_smile:

Gonna go with the Yam’s, listened to then in various stores and at least they don’t lie to me like u guy’s do… :mrgreen:

Nah jk guy’s, thanks for the advice!