1000's of expression maps

I have a very large template where most of the tracks have an expression map. To scale back the amount of tracks in my template I have made multi-track presets of things like “big perc hits”, “strings”, etc…

If I remove the string tracks the expression maps remain in the expression map list. If I add the strings back it now brings a new expression map into that list for each track I just brought in. After several months of adding and deleting these tracks I have probably 10,000 expression maps.

Is there a way to REMOVE unused expression maps with a command. I can not see me deleting one at a time manually. There needs to be a command to remove unused expression maps as well as Cubase needs to remove the expression maps automatically if the tracks that use them are deleted.

Could post in the Issues section. Could be something the programmers overlooked. OTOH they might point out a solution.
Looks to me at the moment that it shouldn’t happen in the first place.

Yes. This would be handy. So would an ability to load/unload several expmaps at a time or in defined groups. I’d also like to be able to resize the expmaps window horizontally. My naming system for expmaps puts key info at the end of the names and these are often not visible in the narrow column provided for names (necessitating highlighting a name and manually scrolling to the right to get to the end).

It’s like they came up with a great idea then stopped working on it.