1080p vs 1440p monitors, scaling, size!

I currently have 2x 1080p monitors 23". I’m doing a pc upgrade so looking at new monitors. if I go 1440p for the new monitors I’m trying to get my head around how cubase is gonna look scale wise compared to my current 1080p setup. if I up the scaling by 25% in 1440p it should look approximately the same right?

are there any scaling issues with rendering various plugins when you go up to 1440?

I’m debating whether it is in fact worth going to 1440 when I’m pretty happy with how things look at 1080. altho the extra sharpness would be nice. and it should be nice for any occasional gaming I do. what’s everyone’s experience with this?

You don’t say the size of the 1440 monitor. If it’s physically bigger than your current ones then I wouldn’t do any scaling. The picture is always better when you don’t. I do t see the point in getting one and then just getting the same amount on screen.

FWIW I’ve been considering a similar upgrade but have been holding off until the various resolution issues have been resolved (not just Cubase – some plugins as well). I’m also on 2x 1080p monitors 23", and I believe what I want is called QHD.

On the one hand, I don’t want monitors that are too big (they can obstruct acoustics too!), but on the other hand I want as much screen real-estate as possible within the physical limitations. I do remember when I got the 1080p monitors, it was like watching a tennis match. You just don’t expect the amount of head-turning you need to do. For that reason, I’m also considering possibly a single, but physically larger, QHD ( 2560 × 1440), in which case I’d probably not use scaling.

the 1440 monitors would probably be 27". ideally I’d like the scaling of the components of cubase to remain roughly the same, but like you say, just have more of it. I can’t get my head round what that’s going to look like. hence my question about whether 1080p would look the same as 1440p with an additional 25% scale, if the monitors were the same size.

QHD is 1440p. which plugins have you experienced scaling issues with? i’ve also considered one large widescreen monitor. they’re all curved tho and i’m not sure how I’d get on with that.

Not all of them, and I definitely don’t want curved. My graphics monitor must sit on a plane with the acoustic monitors, or behind them. The last thing I want is acoustic reflections from the surface of a curved monitor. If I go for a 27" or 32" QHD, it will be further away, so effectively I see the same visual resolution, but more of it.

That’s why I’m considering going back to only one screen. I can alway still use one of my existing 1080p for e.g. a seperate mixer view.

As for the plugins, Kontakt is the biggest problem, still non-resizeble on high-resolution screens, however apparently the soon to be released Kontakt 7 addresses that issue. We’ll wait and see …

for me, a single monitor would have to be in the region of 49" wide. I haven’t seen any that size that aren’t curved. they sure look amazing tho! your observation about distance of the monitor is good. at 56, my eyes have a hard time adapting to distance, which adds another complication. I have a set of glasses made specifically for my current monitor distance.

All I can advise is, beware of the salesman who works on the basis of bigger numbers being better.

This is the best article I’ve found so far: Understanding Pixel Density

It’s quite technical, and a little bit old, but it helped me avoid wasting some cash.

I have a set up of 1440p as my main monitor and 1080 as a secondary.
If it helps here’s a screenshot C12 - 1440 + 1080
I placed two plugins Pro Q3 and Frequency set up to the same size on both monitors to show how they look.

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Just 2560 x 1440, the p stands for “progressive” and is irrelevant in this case.

Use office (business) monitors, they’re not curved, cheaper and more ergonomic for daily work.
Pixel density doesn’t change much from 24" to 27" (1920 * 1080 to 2560 * 1440), just more space.

Ultra-wide screen monitors are available for office use as well. As long as you do not apply any scaling through the OS, you should get workable results with all of them.
I’m writing this on my Samsung S34J55x with no scaling.