10900k vs 11900k - Music Production Rig upgrade

Looking to refresh my system. I’m rocking an i7-6700k and Premiere Pro and Cubase keep buckling under. Latency is way too high for me and I can’t seem to get it lower. Also have 64GB of ram and a Nvidia 1060. I’m trying to decide if I should upgrade to the 10900k or wait for the 11900k.

I’m curious becuase the 10900k has 10 cores and the 11900k will have 8. For video encoding and music production, I know it’s better to have more cores, but maybe this 10 core thing is BS.

Any thoughts?

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I just built new pc around the 11900k. Asus Z590 Rog Strix F, 32GB RAM, M.2 (7000MBS) drive.
I did an initial test by loading Prologue2 with 4 or 5 inserts (compression, reverb, modulation etc), looped a 4 note chord and duplicated it dozens of time. I believe I was at around 100 tracks before any glitches. UR44 was at 128 or 256. This was without tweaking or optimising my setup.

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