10s of silence at the end of exported audio - why?

When I export a dorico project to both mp3 and wav there’s 10s of silence added to the file. Is it possible to set how much silence at the end is added?
if not, please change this in the next version (no added silence or settings for this)

That’s not typical. Did you monkey with the Time track in Play mode, perhaps?

I have experienced this as well. Moved onto something else and haven’t been back to that so am interested in a solution…

Are there repeat structures in the piece?

That extra time is for the reverb tail. Without that the sound would be cut off very artificially. I can’t remember whether there’s an option to control it at present.

You can take a look at this project, for example, and do mp3 export. There are no repeat structures. One bar is about 7s long and from the last note to the end it’s about 17s. (I would expect just 7s). You can try to reduce that time.
bwv1043 largo-1housle a varhany.7z (917 KB)
Btw if the name of the mp3 file you’re about to create already exists and the file is opened in some other program, Dorico gives you no info about the need to close it - the export window just shows 0% and you have to click cancel and figure this out by yourself.

Ah, that makes sense. Massive room though…

Is there any improvement or a fix for this in Dorico 3.1. When I export an mp3 file from Dorico 3.1 the file still has a substantial empty portion at the end of it. While it maybe to accommodate a reverb tail as suggested in this thread - is there anyway to cut this out. Otherwise I have to open the file in Adobe audition or similar and cut the space out later - which is a a bit of a pain if you have a lot of mp3 exports from Dorico to sort out. This is when using NotePerformer 3.3 as the playback template in Dorico 3.1

This is on our list for consideration in a future version, along with more options for audio export.

I’d much prefer having a ten-second extension for a reverb tail than having to use my Finale solution of adding empty measures to the file to cover reverb.

I have experienced this as well in the past and thought it was for the reverb tail. 10 seconds is an awful lot of reverb though…

Can you imagine playing in a room with an audible ten second reverb decay? Aside from some enormous cathedrals and stairwells I can’t think of many places where I have played or been in an audience where the reverberante of the room was ten seconds long…

Until we’ve had time to put in an option to control this, we had to pick a default value. If we picked a short value then that would be bad for cases where you do have a long reverb tail, so we picked a ‘safe’ default value that at worst means that you need to trim the audio file.

So John (at Steinberg) has suggested editing the Dorico preferences xml file to shorten the tail e.g.

int 10

…by changing the tag

Tried this with a few different numbers 2, 02, etc but this seems to have no effect on the length of the resulting audio export file.
Thanks anyway.

We put the value in the preferences data a while ago, but we haven’t yet had the opportunity to wire it up into audio export. This is on our backlog for a future version.

Thanks for asking the question and the answer! Looking forward to additional options for the export function!