10th String

How would I go about creating a circled number 10, to indicate the 10th string on a guitar? I feel like I am missing something quite simple, but I’m stumped. The Guitar Techniques go up to 9. I need just one more! I know I will likely smack my head when someone answers.

Thanks in advance, and Happy New Year to everyone!

  1. Choose Library > Playing Techniques.
  2. Navigate to the Guitar category.
  3. In the left-hand list, choose String 9.
  4. Click the “new from” button in the action bar to create a new playing technique based on the selected one.
  5. Rename your new playing technique e.g. “String 10”.
  6. Click the pencil icon below the preview area on the right-hand side.
  7. In the Edit Music Symbol dialog that appears, choose Glyph on the right-hand side, then choose Guitar from the Range drop-down.
  8. You’ll see a circled 10 in the grid of characters: select it and click Add Glyph.
  9. Select the circled 9 in the main display (since now both the 9 and the 10 appear) and click the delete button in the action bar to remove the 9 and leave the 10 behind.
  10. Click OK.

That should do it.


Brilliant - thank you! I was only missing steps #2 - 9…