11.0.20 Seems to have fixed beach balls...but

I’m truly grateful that I’m no longer getting those arbitrary and persistent beach balls as the update
to 11.0.20 seems to have resolved that. (I have the disable graphics accelerator box checked).
That said, I was hoping that I would not be getting soooo many crashes upon close that also seem
arbitrary in when they will occur albeit with a high degree of likelihood. Also, every time I open a project, Nuendo informs me it has discovered new audio devices at which point I must select my UAD Thunderbolt device (which isn’t new…anymore). Well as someone once said “you can’t have everything…where would you put it” I do remain grateful the beach balls are gone
so thx Steinberg!

yes if you’re project can’t close it won’t remember the selected audio device. Do you have any mackie controls or control surfaces running? I’d attempt to disconnect those and see if the problem persists. Also trying to load safe mode preferences with no third party plugins and factory restored preferences to see if you can close the project is a good place to start also. Sadly Nuendo/Cubase does need fresh preferences on specific XML files to keep it running smooth from time to time (maybe at least onces a year I try), that’s what I’ve found. Specifically the Defaults.xml can help with a refresh. This can also be a third party plugin hanging on close also

I wouldn’t be surprised if 3rd party plugins are contributing…finding which ones is a different story. I’ve been with Steinberg longer than I care to admit and often when
“upgrading” there arises new issues. None of these new issues were present on my previous system hence why I stayed until I had to update in order to take advantage of some of the current products. I stayed on N7 for a very long time. It’s also very difficult to test things out when your in the middle of something and it’s those very same issues which make meeting those deadlines all the more challenging. There is also the element of ‘maybe this will be addressed in the next update’ which is exactly what happened with the beach ball issue. I did spend a lot of time trying to resolve that one, too. Thx for your suggestions!

I was getting crashes nearly every time I closed a project, and I saw someone in the Cubase forum say that disabling the Hub could help. Against all expectations it made a huge difference and now crashes on close are the exception, rather than the rule. This is on a Windows machine, admittedly, but still could be worth a try…

Well I tried that out (even though I’m on Mac) and so far no crashes on quit! It’s also closing much more quickly, too. Thx for the suggestion and I hope things stay this way…I’m still very ‘quit’ shy and kind of wince when I hit quit.

@EdGray interesting thanks for sharing, i’ll be on the look out in case I run into this issue, so far all good on my end so far at least with hub running

@Matt_McGuire To be clear: when you run Nuendo and uncheck the “Disable GPU Acceleration” box, are the spinning beach balls gone in Nuendo 11.0.20?

Regarding the crashes: can you send me the crash logs?

Regarding the dialog that informs you that it has discovered new audio devices: how is your exact setup? How many audio devices are connected to your Mac and in which way? Do you use a hub or something else?

I have not had a beach ball since I updated to 11.0.20 although I do get occasional slow ups that in previous versions no doubt would have led to a spinning frenzy. I disabled my Hub and for a brief time thought that my crash upon quit was fixed but it was only a temporary appearance of a fix. i ca get a crash log the next time it happens - and if I remember. I have a 2019 Mac Pro 16 core w/ 128GB RAM
and an (OWC) 8TB NVMe Sample drive and an 8TB project SSD (Samsung) I also have 3 mac minis which are resourced via VE Pro. I have a UAD Apollo x8 and an Apollo Twin x. The Apollos are daisy- chained as per UAD recommendation on 1 TB3 bus and I have 3 TB3 hubs to which are connected various devices/controllers/dongles. etc. There’s more but that is the most pertinent stuff.