11.0.30 bug

every bounce e.g. 5.1ch splitted - shorter than region by 1/4 frame
24/25fps the same result
plugins/no plugins the same issue
every splitted bounce with overwrite files - only one channel file as a result

try it again with english please

you can lose your jobs and customers because you can’t export wav masters of the correct length
the difference in lenght aprox 1/4 frame is between printing masters interleaved or splitted wave files

I still don’t understand your problem…

An export renders the content between the two locators.
Not more and not less.
If you do something different you should explain what you are doing…
otherwise we can not provide any useful help.

An export renders the content between the two locators Not more and not less.- not true!

Please, try maximum zoom to look closely to the end of waveforms after export multichannel splitted and interleaved file in range. There is always a difference in lenght comparing both…

(tested on 4 different osx mojave computers)

I’ll check on my side to verify (though I’m on PC). your description is clear enough for me. I’ll report back as soon as I can.