11, 10.5. 10 Delete?

I now have C11 installed. Should I delete Cubase 10.5 &10?

If your not gonna use them anymore then yes.

Hi, there is no need. You can keep them all if you want or what I mostly do is now that 11 is out and I upgraded, I’ll start using that version for new projects and old projects I’ll use the the version they were created in. It’s up to you. I only have 10.5 and 11 on my system now. Version 10.5.0 has been very stable for me. So far, the install worked fine but I’ve been down the road before so I have my procedures that I follow.

1 backup complete drive
2 install license
3 install new version

This time Cubase 11 went totally smooth. It copied my settings from 10.5 which is so nice. I love that they split up the plug-ins out of the main software. So far, so good