11.54 Crash & Audio dropout

Archive.zip (24.7 KB)
Attached are a couple crashes from the 11.54 build. I’ll PM you a DropBox link with the entire Cubase 12 project and export. Here are my steps:

  1. Open VSTL & create a new project
  2. Import the .vlsprj file
  3. Play the song (doesn’t matter which tab is displayed - it happened both on tracks & lyrics)
  4. At about bar 50 - the audio just stopped, but the program kept running.
  5. when the transport got to the end of the song - VST Live crashed.

I just checked this project again and it still fails in 11.55. I’ve noticed that this project has a tempo change for every beat. If I disable the tempo track, it does not fail: memory leak?

Hi @ericwentz, we are still not able not reproduce this one. But we found and fixed some “problematic areas” which might result to your problem. Please try again with the next version and let us know if it is better then.


Hope you saw the project that I sent you via a PM - pls let me know if you were able to load this project. It was pretty consistent in causing a failure. LIke I’ve said before, i think that if the project changes tempo every beat, it causes a problem. That’s what the project I sent does & it failed every time i tried to play it. -e

I also have no problems at all importing the media project and playing all of it, smooth as silk until the end. Micha also cannot reproduce the issue. Maybe your system details might help, in any case the crash dump would be useful.

VSTL-crash.txt.zip (12.3 KB)
Attached is the crash dump from my latest test. Please note that VL must be on the lyrics view to fail. I just unzipped the exact copy from dropbox as posted. Here are my steps:

  1. Start VSTL (1.1.60) & create a new project
  2. File->Import Media Project…
  3. Select my project
  4. Change to the “Lyrics” view
  5. Press play (goes just fine until about measure 50)
  6. Audio cuts out.
  7. Click on the VCR bar “stop” and VL crashes producing the attached dump.

Hope this helps.

One more note: all the details of my system are at the bottom of the crash file. -e

Still cannot repeat, but let’s see what the crashfile tells.
What is your audio buffer size? Would it help to increase it for a test?

I have to admit that I’m not sure how to increase the audio buffer size (or even tell you what it is). I’m using a Steinberg UR824 as my audio interface - any pointers? -e

Defines the latency (more latency → less CPU stress, but more delay). Should be accessible via Devices/Audio Setup/Control Panel.

The was using a sample rate if 44.1khz with a buffer size of 1024. I bumped the buffer size up to the max of 4096 with the same crash - dump is attached… -e
VSTL-crash2.txt.zip (12.7 KB)