1176 missing from Cubase 7.02

Hey Steiny ever since I upgraded to 7.02 I lost my 1176 looking Vintage compressor, the compressor is still there but it doesnt work like the original one. The 1176 GUI doesnt come up either. If I bring up an project from the previous version the GUI is back but its functions are all but gone and once I close it it never reappears. Gone is that beautiful pumping sound that was so remissant of the old 1176. Gone are the 4 buttons of compression settings, they seem to do nothing now. Did UA threaten you with a lawsuit and you were forced to removed it? What happened? Seriously… I am afraid it’s gone forever… tell me this is not true and it is being looked at and hopoefully fixed soon. :cry:

Still seeing the new GUI here.

Shows up fine here. OSX 10.8.2 64 bit

Very glad to hear this. I will double check my installation. Thanks for the replies :slight_smile: .

Wow, never usd this one…

Is my VU Meter backwards? lol…

It’s “wired” correctly because it’s measuring gain reduction as the classic compressor VU meters worked.

Cool:) thanks for the history lesson :slight_smile: