11900k or 10900k for Music Production

Guys, I’m confused if I shoud go with i9 10cores or the new i9 8cores. I do a lot of processing and automation on my channels, because I make Electronic Music. Which means lot of Plugins and Vst sythesizers in a session. Which is the best processor for my use, should I pick the 10core or the new faster single core 11900k? I also do mixing, which il means I’ll have a lot of processing on my busses. Which is a better i9 cpu for Music production.? Will I max out all 8 Cores if I pick 11900k.?

Some Vsts I use all the time
Diva, Omnisphere, Serum, Kontakt,
And analogue emulation Plugins and soundtoys etc

I’m running a 10900k and I’m very happy. I’m running in stock settings and its very stable - obviously. Took a lot of hours attempting overclocks to 5.2 and it was running fine but hot. Get the best cooler you can. I got a be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4

Hey Nivin, what did you go for in the end, CPU and MB? I have 11900K with Z590 Rog Strix motherboard andI’m not impressed at all. Just about to upgrade to windows 11 despite N.I. saying most of there stuff is not yet tested and confirmed compatible. Also I dont see Stinberg mentioning any performance gain by going to Cubase 12 so unsure if I should go fir that yet?

I went for 10850k overclocked to 5.2 ghz running on windows .Noctua air cooler and gigabyte vison z590 mobo. I have my vst libraries, samples and everything on a gen3 Nvme. Iam really happy with my Production workflow as now i can run much more vst’s in realtime mostly at 128 buffer size. Mixing with a lot of analogue emulation plugins still eat a lot cpu , so mixing i run at higher buffer size like 1024 . Overall my Realtime audio performance has improved a lot with the upgrade. Also you gotta make sure your audio drivers are super stable (Rme and Prism are great ) and have everything on SSDs.

Thaks for reply. My drives are both Gen 4 so should be flying. I have not overclocked as really shouldnt need to. I have only just upgraded to win 12 which I think unlocks the real speed of my chip and hard drive.
Just trying to install Cubase 12 now which is not working at all.