11900k or 10900k for Music Production

Guys, I’m confused if I shoud go with i9 10cores or the new i9 8cores. I do a lot of processing and automation on my channels, because I make Electronic Music. Which means lot of Plugins and Vst sythesizers in a session. Which is the best processor for my use, should I pick the 10core or the new faster single core 11900k? I also do mixing, which il means I’ll have a lot of processing on my busses. Which is a better i9 cpu for Music production.? Will I max out all 8 Cores if I pick 11900k.?

Some Vsts I use all the time
Diva, Omnisphere, Serum, Kontakt,
And analogue emulation Plugins and soundtoys etc

I’m running a 10900k and I’m very happy. I’m running in stock settings and its very stable - obviously. Took a lot of hours attempting overclocks to 5.2 and it was running fine but hot. Get the best cooler you can. I got a be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4