12.0.10 : audio glitch (asio-guard involved)

With Asio-Guard ON , if I deactivate recording for a midi / instrument track, there’s an audio gap (if it’s playing) + an audio glitch.
With Asio-Guard turned OFF, everything’s fine.


When you Enable Record on the given track, this track goes to the “real-time” mode. That means, it is not using the buffer or “pre-buffer” (what ASIO-Guard is in fact).

Knowing this, it’s not surprise, you can hear a glitch when enabling/disabling the record on the track.

Hi Martin,
There has never been this kind of glitch before in my projects with Asio Guard on .
It’s only when deactivating, not when activating. By the way, it’s only when you deactivate recording mode for the last remaining activated track.
Example :

  • you have two instrument tracks activated for recording
  • you deactivate recording for the first one : no glitch
  • you deactivate recording for the second one : glitch
    I’ll run some more tests and keep you informed

Same behavior with “deactivating monitoring” and this time, even for audio tracks : big issue