12.0.10 - Dragging/copy-dragging MIDI parts across divider with Constraint Direction doesn't work

EDIT: It appears that this is only an issue when binding Shift to Constraint Direction - works as expected with default controls.

Hi all,

Wondered if anyone else has this issue. On Cubase 12.0.10 maintenance update, dragging or copy-dragging MIDI parts from one side of the track list divider to the other no longer works when I hold Shift to constrain direction.

When I Shift-drag or Shift-Alt-drag a part from below the track divider and hover over the track I’m copying to above the divider, the blue cursor line indicator for where the part is going to land suddenly jumps to the wrong location, and then when I let go nothing happens (no copy or move).

Steps to recreate:

    1. Create empty project
    1. Open the track list divider
    1. Create MIDI/Software Instrument Tracks on either side of the divider
    1. Create a MIDI part on either side of the divider
    1. Drag or copy-drag the MIDI part while using the Constraint Direction modifier (Shift) to a MIDI or Software Instrument track on the other side of the divider
    1. Let go
      → Result = Nothing happens

Running Cubase 12.0.10 on Windows 11.

Any advice would be much appreciated!


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By default, Shift doesn’t do anything.

  • Ctrl/Cmd is to Constrain Direction.
  • Alt is to Copy.
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Sorry, I didn’t realise I wasn’t using default controls. So that seems to be the issue, though it has been working fine up until now?

Edit: I should mention that using Shift as Constraint Direction does work as expected when not using the divider!

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