12.0.10 new Marker Window = no more TAB / Shift + TAB

Hi Steinies,

First, I’m not surprised : new stuff often means that basic use of tab key will not be possible anymore. Same old problem since new UI / new dialog boxes appeared (2018)
No matter how many messages I send to the support or forums, I feel like we are just a few people using our keyboard right and not clicking everywhere like a newbie, loosing a precious time.

Today, with 12.0.10, a new window is concerned : can’t navigate through fields of this new marker window with tab / shift + tab anymore like we did before. That means we can’t rename our markers with keyboard only…

By the way, even the tiniest software I know offer support of tab key to navigate through text fields but NOT CUBASE.

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Was this possible in Cubase 12.0.0, please?

Yes it was

And for those reading this, who are new(-ish) to Cubase, you’ll have seen how this lack of ‘Tabbing’ ability has, sadly, been stripped from dialogs throughout the app - its been going on for a while now:-
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Just seems there’s some fundamental principle/policy at play here, from the SB devs, to remove/not allow any tabbing inside dialog boxes, going forward… I don’t understand it; is it a cross-platform issues, that breaks compatibility, or massively over-complicates technical support/upkeep.? A problem with the underlying Qt (UI) framework, outside of their control.? Its sad.

No responses seen or comment offered from SB.

Or, as I ask in one of those threads, maybe not enough users are affected/actually bothered with any of this and so it simply sits in the box for ‘old-school types’ only…

I use Cubase since 2002. It was ok until 2018.
New UI dialog boxes changed it all : best example is “new track dialog”. It’s such a basic UI stuff. I don’t understand why they keep ignoring this.