12.0.20 and VEP7 performance

Last Cubase update brought some improvement with Vienna, which runs smoothly as far as performance goes (when I can use it).

I’ve got a couple issues that hopefully can be address with the next performance update:

  • After a while (maybe 30 min of work) that I’m using Cubase with VEP, system tends to freeze. It doesn’t, but even super simply operations like moving down one single track with the arrow key to select next midi track gets the system freezing for few seconds. Still plenty of RAM open my system.
    Workaround: close Cubase project and re-open it with VEP instances preserved and decoupled.
    Doing that gives me another 30 min of work.
    VEP version 7.1.1298

  • on the VST instrument list (F11), if I click the “e” to bring up the connection window, system tends to freeze. When I click the “e” VEP window comes up right anyway, but Cubase freezes (maybe for 5 seconds) and then finally the connection window comes up.

I’m on a MacPro intel, Monterey 12.3.1

Thanks for your help!

Did you disable ASIO guard for VEP?

That’s a known issue discussed here Vienna Ensemble Pro takes too long to open in 12.0.10

Hi Riggs! Thank a lot for your replay. :slight_smile:
Yes, I’ve disabled the asio guard.

Thanks for the other link. I was hoping that the VEP improved performance reported on the 12.0.20 change log included that too.

I’m hopeful fo the next maintenance update.
In the same setup (same everything) Cubase 11 works well.