12.0.4 Control Room MIDI Remote + Sound ID presets

I was excited to see this referenced in the 12.0.40 update notes, I have been trying to set up a button via Remote or Generic MIDI device to control “next preset” in Sonarworks Sound ID Reference that is insert in my Control Room.

I want to alternate between my speaker and headphone correction presets.

The plugin exposes next preset and previous preset as a quick control option, but I wish to make one of my buttons 100% dedicated to this job.

I have been unable to achieve this in the past, is this something that is now possible?

Got it working with Generic Remote

I just have set up multiple monitors in Control room where one goes to the monitors and one to my phones where I each load a different correction plugin. Then I just assigned key commands to switch between them easily, probably also possible via the new midi remote, didn’t check.
(As you might know, Generic Remote is deprecated, so might not work in future versions of Cubase)

Thanks for the tip.
I did have a look at Remote to see if it was now possible, it still doesn’t seem to list inserted Control Room plugins. (Unless I’m looking in the wrong place)
I hope it comes before Generic Remote is gone :slight_smile: