12.0.51 Update. Bug error

Updated to 0.51 when opening a project an Error comes up. Asks you to save a new version of the project. When canceling the Error everything seems to be working fine.
But the issue is, everytime I save the project while I’m woking, Cubase will save my work on a different name.
01, 02, 03 etc… Imagine in the end how many vesrions this project will have.


You can control the number of files in the preferences

If it is the error message I think it is, then Cubase is also saying that it is no longer sure it can save your project without errors. That’s why it appends the extra number to the project file, because Cubase wants to prevent your original project file from being overwritten by a defective version.


Does this happen with only one project or any project? Could you try to disable preferences, please?

Hi Martin,
Let me try on another project and get back to you. And will also disable preference