12.0.52 - Cycle not respected after loading a previously saved project

Hm… so the issue might a corruption in the original project file

Can you upload that file?

@MAS if you do a save as, or save new version, does this stop the issue (temporarily at least?)

Unfortunately, I didn’t keep track of which project had the bug, I’m currently working on mixing tens of projects under pressure for a live show, I noticed that some songs didn’t loop even though the cycle is activated, so I re-saved all the projects as I always do when mixing onsite and all is good now. Because I noticed some other weirdnesses about 12.0.52, I attributed that to be another bug .

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I tested through some of my projects today and they all have the problem. The only difference is that there is one project where the limit is not 2400 but 2401 samples. Below this value the cycle is ignored, equal or above it is respected.

Unfortunately no.
I always create a second project file as a backup. For each of my projects. And it makes no difference. Both files are affected by the problem. (Also affects a project I just created yesterday.)

@MAS @DaniDonadi @shyko Can you please put your system info in your profile?

I’ve added my info. :slight_smile:

I work on different systems. Currently, I am affected by the problem with my " little laptop ": WIN10 Pro (22H2), 8 GB, i5 from 2017 (I can’t find the exact name right now), ASIO Link Pro.