12.0.60 Freez Crash just appeared sound ..Anyone?


On PC anyone getting a crash of Cubase freezing while on play and project still playing?
Just appeared out of nowhere.
Can it be from plugins?

Just starting getting random freezes on a game scoring project in 12, though in my case the project stops playing but my video keeps going.

You on Windows by any chance?

Yes on Windows 10.
I have a project deadline just hope it doesn’t get worse.

Yep, Windows 10 here. Really annoying. Incidentally, I don’t even have anything frozen :confused:

Its happening to you also?

I even rendered stems to remove plugins still once in a while sound plays and and cubase just stops responding

In that case , what have you updated ? Has there been a windows update ? Freezings and crashes don’t just appear from a stable installation

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No updates, I installed 2 plugins

When I remove a plugin from a channel strip sometimes cubase crashes as well