12.0.60 MIDI errors

I’m running Windows 10 Pro. I don’t know if some of these errors have existed on earlier versions or not.

(1) I noticed that in the MIDI editor sometimes the notes don’t match the keys on the left side. They are off by 1 semi-tone visually.

(2) sometimes cutting/pasting MIDI notes into a new clip don’t play, yet the track is active and plays fine. I have saved the MIDI sequence, then removed the VST track from the project, and opened the same VST track again and this solved the problem. Sometimes it doesn’t solve it.

(3) Sometimes MIDI notes are visible, but not audible (see (2)) Same solution. Sometimes its works, sometimes it doesn’t. It only seems to happen during cutting/pasting of note or lengthening notes.

I’m wondering if others have these problems.



  1. Do you mean the Key Editor? When does it happen? Is it when you are moving the MIDI Note or just when playing back? Could you double-check what doe the Info Line shows? What does the MIDI Monitor shows?

Do you mean MIDI Part? Are you sure the MIDI Notes sit in the given MIDI Part? Aren’t they in other MIDI Part and out of the MIDI Part range/borders? Could you attach screenshot, please?

Same as 2.

Hi, Here is an example.

(1), I opened a new project and selected padshop (too keep everything within the steinberg family).

(2) hit record.

(3) Played a C Major chord on my Nektar LX 49+ keyboard (with the latest steinberg mapping provided by Nektar)

The keys hit were C2, E2 and G2. Please look at the screen shot, and compare the notes played vs. displayed.


I can see D major here. Make sure, you don’t have any transpose enabled on your keyboard, please.

Interesting, so I unplugged the midi keyboard (USB) and plugged it back in. hit the transpose button down and up making sure it was set to zero, and it seems to have fixed the problem.

thanks. you can close the ticket.