12.0.70 Nightmare! Whats happening?

I’m running a project with only 15 channels and Cubase can’t seem to read some channels and goes off beat. This just happened since I updated to 12.0.70
with a fresh install of windows 10.
I have never seen this problem before.
Bpm is 125.
The stem is rendered and its 41 measures long. If I copy/paste the stem to continue at bar 42 , at around bar 60 the hole project goes off beat.
As if I’m running a 5400rpm drive and cubase can’t seem to get the timing.
I had a the mono delay ON thinking its the plug ins. I disabled it and same thing.
Now what? Anyway to go back on 12.0.60?

You must have some tempo change programmed in tempo track and you dont see it…

I’m gona check.
Its a kind of lag where everything is timed except for this 1 channel instrument.

Check if your tempo track in turned on and switch it off to see if thats the problem

Open the Pool , check the tempo of that track , if it’s wrong , adjust to suit and then close pool and enable Musical mode for the track . Sorry , thats for audio , not an instrument track ,but might still be useful lol

This specific track is already on musical, elastic pro. Just started composing yesterday .
And loops were already at 125bpm. The specific one glitching is a sampled bass of one shots that I sequenced… then I bounced it. But again it was doing it since I began working on it I realized. So I said let me bounce the channel track and still doing it.

My bad! I hit the panic button to fast.

The Kick was moved by a hair in that area.

My apologies everyone. :grin: