12/8 to 4/4

Hi Guys,
Is there a fast way to turn a 12/8 piece to 4/4 and change all the note durations properly?
(8th to triplets, dotted quarters to quarters, etc.)


No, at present there’s no one-step solution for this, I’m afraid.

That’s a pity. I like the thought of using Dorico as a scratch pad. But often I need quite a bit of “scratching” before I decide whether to use, say, minims or quavers as the basic counting unit in a piece.
In old Finale, I could then easely double, halv, or augment by 150 %, the durations (including pauses) in a region, and change the meter proportionally in the same go. (Of course, any tuplets would mess it completely up.) In Dorico, if I double the durations in a region, the neighbouring region is going to being eaten up, isn’t it?

Not if you turn on Insert mode first.

Methinks someone is making the process in Finale sound a lot easier than it was–or is.

Thanks Daniel.
Are there plans to add this feature in the future?

Yes, in general we intend to add more features to help you transform the music you have already entered, though I can’t promise that it will be added imminently.

Thanks, Daniel!

Any news with this feature?