12 core Mac Pro for Nuendo?

I’m about to order a new Mac Pro for a Nuendo 6 composer. He’s a Mac guy and needs a reliable production machine, so Hackintosh and PC not an option. He’s willing to spend whatever, so I’m about to order a 12-core, but I just want to confirm that Nuendo 6 can use 12 cores (24 processing threads).

The CPU speed drops as you get to higher numbers of cores. So if, for example, Nuendo only uses 16 threads (8 cores), it would be better to get an 8-core,

Also, he’s currently using an Black Magic “Intensity Pro” PCIe card for external TV. I’m assuming that Black Magic’s thunderbolt version will work instead?

Thanks in advance.

Hello Jim,

yes, Nuendo 6 can make use of 12 Core (24 processing threads). We recommend to use a Mac system
when using 12 core. Of course it also works on the PC side, but it may depend on how the system is
configured (components).


Where can we read about how the system needs to be configured in order to use 24 threads on the Windows (“PC”) side?

Probably in the same place as it tells you to switch off hyperthreading. :unamused:


Thanks. I also got confirmation from Steinberg so I’m good to go.

Just to clarify, they said Nuendo is optimized for up to 16 cores.