12 Videos: Cubase Quick Tips


I am starting a new youtube channel to help Cubase grow as a community.

I will start by posting tips and tricks that I use daily in Cubase.

Here is the playlist of 12 tips:

Please let me know if these are useful and if you would like some more.

I will also be doing some videos on producing, mixing, composing, arranging, mastering, hardware and software review in the future.

I am also considering doing live shows where I take your songs, analyse them, give feedback, etc.

Feel free to share!

Tips for this Friday May 1 2020

4 more tips for this Sunday May 3 2020

1 more advanced tip Saturday May 9 2020

This is great. I can’t tell you how refreshing the video lengths are. No filler, no BS, just straight to the point. Well done.

Bravo! Subscribed!

I’ll use the q-link shortcut immediately. Never knew about the right-click shortcuts (and am having some trouble finding out where they’re documented).



Some of these functions and “shortcuts” are really hidden and sometimes I discover them by mistake. After close to 15 years of Cubase, I am still learning!!!

Keep it up!

The best thing I like from what I see is what BuckleBean mentioned above…no obnoxious intro sound/video clip introductions…no long-winded babble…just get down and dirty fast.

Super! Just what (and how) I need.
Thank you and carry on.

G R E A T !
I’ve subscribed!

Great tips! Tenkas :smiley:
Always ready to learn here, (using Cubase 18 months in)
What is surprising is the amount of hidden gems that get overlooked.

Like the other day, I discovered retrospective recording!! So handy that is.

I’ve subscribed to your channel :slight_smile:

Subscribed! (:

The videos are very helpful, thank you, tenkas. I do have a question about the video showing the multi color schemes? How did you create this multi pallet color scheme? Is this a Cubase 10.5 feature or is it in C10, as well?

Good stuff, thank you for these little gems

Hi everyone!

instead of creating new threads, I will continue and post here updates on new tips.

Here are 12 new Cubase quicktips for everyone.

Trying to get a live event going on, please let me know what you want to see!


One that seems to appear here fairly often is converting a stereo track to mono. I think you already did mono to stereo. There are different stereo to mono methods, so maybe break them down?

Midi editing, especially in the key editor has quite a few key modifiers (click and hold+sft, or hold ctr to temporarily defeat snap, double click and drag to create multiple notes etc) that are very useful for enhancing workflow. (start at 2:00 for the key editor) Maybe these could be broken down a bit more like drums & Key edit.

Good luck and keep it up!

4 more tips for this Sunday! See the OP

Great, thanks a lot!

On behalf of Cubase users everywhere, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you for this fantastic collection – I can appreciate the amount of work you have put into this, and even though I’ve been using Cubase for a long time, I still learned a lot that will enhance my workflow. With each new update, there are so many features that I don’t get time to try out, and it’s often the little things that I miss out on completely, that can save so much time.

So well done, and thank you! :sunglasses:

I’ve watched countless Cubase videos, and picked up more in 2-4 min videos, than some 20+ min videos.
I also found it refreshing to not see the same old topics covered. Keep it up!


Thanks for the encouragement! I will try and post more every day/week depending on my workload. Glad to see people are appreciating these tips.

Good stuff, man. Always something new to learn.


Here is a more advance tip on using workspaces and multiple mixers. I got the idea years ago from a German youtube video but I do not speak German and can’t find the video (if you ever find it, I will credit the man who showed me this technic).