125% Scaling - HiDpi support bugs Video Window

I know Cubase 10’s video engine is still awful and full of bugs. I do not expect this to be fixed soon since video support has been Steinberg’s shame for a few years now. But you never know, maybe it’s time for a decent video engine?

Anyway here’s the bug, HiDpi scalling at 125% scaling in Windows 10 messes up the video window when hidden and shown on my 4k monitor. Video window zoom and re-scales oddly. Overall very unreliable.

It also can cut some 3rd Party Vst’s making them unusable if monitor is set to 125% resolution and HiDPI is selected in Cubase. The only current solution or option is to run at 100% with HiDPI selected which means that those with large screens will need a magnifying glass to read the screen. Or switch off HiDPI and go blind looking at a blurred image.

Steinberg states that there is also a problem with some 3rd Party plugin manufacturers not being prepared for HiDPI. Which is not completely true as other DAW’s that are HiDPI prepared do not have a scaling issue using the same plugins. I have been avoiding moving away from Steinberg as I love Cubase but if this issue is not sorted soon and because of my failing eyesight I will be forced to move to another DAW that allows me to run my monitor at 125%, allows my DAW to be zoomed to anything between 100% and 200% and has no clipping or cutting on 3rd Party Plugins. Yes Steinberg various DAW manufactures with HiDPI have got it right.