12700k system setup for cubase. overclock, turbo boost?

hi all,

about to build a new 12700k setup with windows 11 and cubase pro 12. coming from an old 4th gen chip system so bit out of the current loop re how to set them up for audio production.

to any 12th gen alder lake users out there, are you leaving the cpu management stock with turbo boost on? or setting a steady state clock/overclock? if stock with turbo boost, when the cpu switches from normal mode to turbo does it cause any problems? presumably with very heavy projects it’s going to be running in turbo mode the whole time?


I turned off Turbo Boost because I wanted a fanless system in my studio (can’t have fan noise to mess up the acoustics), and that kind of thermal envelope only worked with Turbo Boost disabled. Not sure if you’re going fanless, but thought I’d mention that.

Here’s my experience setting up an Alder Lake system for Cubase 12:

Short story:
Your default BIOS settings should be fine. Let turbo boost do its thing when it feels like it, it’s completely transparent when it kicks in.
Do not overclock anything if you favor stability on the long run.
As Timo00 said, it’s possible to run fanless with a 12th gen CPU under certain conditions, disabling turbo is usually one of them.

As with any new machine, disable/remove any useless pieces of software (bloatware) that are not core to your work.