+12dB with ID Controller?

At the moment Nuendo 6 will not allow using +12 dB with the ID Controller faders. (automation curve is clipped at +6). Although it would break the writing on the faders it would still be nice to use the fader up to 12 dB. Are there any plans to implement this? Are there maybe even more plans for mixer updates the old Nuendo controller?


I hear you and agree - and there are a lot of things that are not working right on the ID Console with N6
Have you noticed, for example, how only half of the channel strip items are implemented, and those only partly?

We ought to all get our heads together & compile a definitive list of broken/missing ID functions. I have a partial list (although on another system which is shut off now so will add this here tomorrow) and once I get it uploaded it should be added to & t hen we can all bug the heck out of Matthias until it gets dealt with…