13.0.4 Key Editor issue and commentary

For some reason, when you unselect a particular MIDI part, it takes you back to the start of the project, regardless of whether the Autoscroll setting is on or off, which to me is a bug.

Also, the part viewer at the top of the editor, cannot be hidden, i.e., there is no Upper Zone section button, which while not a bug, is a limitation and impost in terms of workflow and productivity.

On the whole, the app is super stable, less CPU intensive, with better memory utilization and lower hard drive read cycles, not to mention having better screen repaints when scrolling the project page, which is well worth the money, particularly now with the specials available.

All the best SB team!


If you unselect a MIDI Part, any other MIDI Part must be selected. Then Cubase jumps to the start of the currently selected MIDI Part.

You can minimize it to 1 line only.

Hi Martin,

I don’t see how jumping to the beginning of a part or song could possibly be considered desired behavior, in any respect and in fact makes the entire feature quite useless since where you are taken to visually is ultimately different to where you are listening, e.g., when you are cycling over a part.

I feel that the feature, while a great and unique concept, really needs work and that this should occur with the next update.

Notwithstanding obvious optimizations to the application, which are very welcome, this situation to my way of thinking, is untenable.

Yes, but from my point of view, I don’t need to see it at all, and I would like to be able to make it disappear, i.e., as a preference or as stated, using an Upper Zone button.



Could you please describe, which MIDI Part become selected if you unselected the original one, where does the MIDI Part starts and where does the view jump?

My personal which is that the view either jumps to the cursor position, or if Cubase is in Stop, it jumps to the position, where do I click. But this my own feature request. At this moment, the specification is not like this.

All of my MIDI parts start at zero (0) and end when the project finishes, usually 65 measures of varying time signature blocks. I do not have projects where there are multiple parts on any given track, even for audio since I need to be able to maintain consistency. across all note velocities from start to finish, which is why the Visibility Inspector in the Key Editor is such a great, albeit an initial idea.

I would simply like to see nothing happen, i.e., it does not need to jump anywhere just because I have unselected a particular part in the Key Editor.

There is already enough problems with Autoscroll/suspend kicking in while suspended, which makes me have to turn it off for the most part so this is most unwelcome from where I sit.



This explains the behaviour

Add the optional feature-request to your post, please. Or make a new clear feature-request post, please.

What I usually do once Cubase lose the focus, what should display, I press the F key twice (Auto-Scroll Off and On). Then Cubase shows, where the cursor is.