13.0.40 (Silicon) - Console and workspaces crashes

With this update, I still notice scroll bars appearing when there is nothing to scroll and there is still a ‘potential’ empty space. While it is somewhat possible to remove it, it is not a clean solution.

Please find a few screenshots attached.

Additionally, I consistently work with workspaces and all four Mix Consoles. However, accessing some of my specific workspaces causes Cubase to crash 100% of the time, and unfortunately, no log is generated.

Any hope to see improvement on this area?

Thanks for your time and consideration.


Could you attach the *.ips files, please?

There is already a known issue, which might be related to your post.

Thank you

Hi Martin,

unfortunately, while it keeps crashing, no crash log is generated for this.

Can you please share some more info on the known issue?


We are still investigating, therefore I try to collect as much information as possible.

Did you have a look into the location, where are all *.ips files stored, please?

I’ve looked on “/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports” and opening “Console” under the “Crash Report” and “Log Report” tab.
Am I missing any other location?


You are correct, these are the locations. :thinking:

If that’s helpful I’m on a Mac Studio M2 Ultra, Apollo Twin X, 3 4K screens scaled to Full HD, Ventura 13.6.6.

Also, on MixConsole3 I can’t get to display the last insert slot. I can on MixConsole 1 though.

PS: “show all available insert slots” is checked.

It works fine here, but I’m in Sonoma 14.5 (Mac Mini M2)

I’m on 14.5 and c13.0.40 is crash on quit 100% of the time M3 max

Very odd

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I add that it crashes on my system every time I close a MixConsole on the second and third screen. Always without a crash log.

I had to roll back to 13.0.30, which it doesn’t look great and has whole series of graphic imperfections, but at least I can work. :slight_smile:

I only use one screen, so maybe a multi screen setup could be the problem.