13.0.40 Update Direct monitoring problem


Up until a few days ago, I was recording multiple guitar tracks on a Mac 24 M1 with the previous maintenance version 13.0.30, using a UAD Arrow interface, without any problems. In the new version 13.0.40, installed yesterday, it is impossible to use direct monitoring on the channel I am recording. The sound is completely distorted, as if there were capacitor issues in an analog device. Additionally, the channel activates above a certain intensity, as if a gate were working.
I checked directly with the Hi-Z input on the interface monitor and it works perfectly, so it is not the interface. I also checked in Cubase 12 Pro, the latest version 12.0.70, where it also works perfectly.
Moreover, I reinstalled the program and got the same negative result.
The conclusion would be that the 13.0.40 update definitely has a problem.
I have the 12 Pro working version, but I would be tempted to revert to 13.0.30, only I don’t know how to do a downgrade while waiting for the fix for the latest version.
If anyone has any ideas, thank you in advance.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Have you tried to increase the Audio Device’s Buffer Size, please?

Sure. 2048. I also installed the latest software version for UAD. Nothing has changed.
Thanks for your welcome.