13.0.40 update -- plugin window will not resize

Just that: using my standard keyboard template (VSL Yamaha, Rinascamento Organ etc), opened the Kontakt instance and it is like this:

Same issue with the others. Mouse over an edge or corner to look for a handle, and there is none there.

Could you name a few others? I’m having the same problem with the standalone Kontakt 7 – not able to resize manually.

VSL Synchron Piano (Yamaha ); Vienna Instruments Pro – they’re all that I had in the project.

Yeah, sorry, don’t have those, so I can’t comment.
I tried a few others. Some (Addictive Drums 2) won’t resize, some (Spitfire BBCSO, Arturia synths) do resize.

However, the sizing on your Kontakt does look pretty iffy. How is it if you run it standalone?

Is it possible to give it a kick by going to VIEW-SINGLE VIEW and/or back to VIEW-RACKVIEW?
Also try the VIEW ZOOM

Just updated and loaded up Kontakt 7 and I have no issues with resizing.

So this morning, adding new instruments to a different project, all (so far, inc. Kontakt) work as they should. So I checked the original project, and that’s now showing as it should, too.