13.0.41 Issues

Hey all, I just made the mistake of installing the 13.0.41 “hotfix” and have downloader’s remorse. Cubase has crapped the bed for me on this one. Will not go into record enable, metronome won’t work, etc. Anyone else having issues with this? Running Mac, Monterey OS. 13.0.4 or whatever the last version was worked great prior to installing the latest update.

I would first try to relaunch Cubase under safe mode, with the Disable program preferences option.

After this, if Cubase is still misbehaving, I would try to reinstall it, using the SDA running with administrator rights (or the equivalent in MacOS world…).

FWIW, the 13.0.41 update isn’t the the culprit of the issues you are experiencing : it works perfectly, on my end…

Same problem here.

Short of a reinstall is there a fix?

Hey Eddie, I reinstalled 13.0.41 and it seemed to solve the issues. I suppose it just didn’t quite all load correctly the first go. I hope it works for you.

Thanks for the suggestions! Yup, a reinstall seemed to have gotten everything properly in gear. I figured it couldn’t have been the update in general or everyone would have been freaking out, not just me. Thanks again!

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I’ll give that a bash. Thanks buddy.