#13 Goodnight Mary Ellen

Belatedly, my March’21 song in my song-a-month until I run out of ideas program. This is a piano based one for a change.
And nothing to do with the Waltons.
Share, enjoy and be careful out there folks!

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Hi Nic,

Great sound. Springsteen at his younger best! Thanks for sharing.


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Thanks Jonathan. :sunglasses:
I am a very big Springsteen fan and have been for more years than I care to remember but strangely I wouldn’t have put this one down as being one of my Bruce songs…yet you’re the third person to mention early Springsteen in response to it so just shows how little I know about my own songs!
Thanks again for listening and commenting, and I’m really glad you liked it. Take care.

Hey, I’ll go with the Springsteen comparison. Not so much your singing, though; I guess you’re going for something approaching Elvis Costello. Good sound! I think the drums sound a little distorted, or something sounds a little distorted, like it clips, but maybe no big deal. At 2:37, the organ got stuck, so you might want to fix that.

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I agree. I think a lot is because of the arrangement - especially how the transitions between sections work. In places the vocal sounds a bit like Bob Geldof. But then Boomtown Rats were a bit like Springsteen filtered through British Punk.

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Thanks Early21…not going for anything with the vocal sound other than me but you’re not the first to mention Costello and my brother was a big fan when we were teens so I guess some of it crept in. :grinning:
Shall have to go back and look at the project to look at that organ…but wow to your ears on hearing it (can I borrow them only mine are pretty crap these days?).

Thanks for listening and commenting, I always appreciate your input, interesting and useful. Cheers!

Cheers Raino, yes, the Rats with their biggest hits were very much Springsteen lite via punk. I probably heard more of them than the Boss back in those days…these things seep in.
Thanks for listening and commenting, always interesting and useful to know what other musicians hear in my my music. Cheers.