1366 i7 vs 1155 i7

Thinking of a new PC build.
I understand the i7 960 chip has more hyperthreading going on than the i7 2600, but which is the best for a music PC,
1366 i7 or 1155 i7 and why?




This seems to be a pc question not a cubase one.


the 2600 will outperform any 1366 other than the 980x and is on par with the 980.

its a good $300 less than the 980
for nearly the same price as the 2600 you can get the new 3820 which outperforms both by a good amounton the new X79 platform.

and FYI HT rocks with Cubase you can ignore the Steiny warnings…

Thanks Scott,

I will go for the 2600 not the 2600k as I dont need to overclock,

Thanks for your help,