14 seperate piano pieces into one Dorico project

Hey folks this must be really simple. I’ve written out 14 individual piano works, each in a separate Dorico file. Now how do I copy each piece or flow it into a file united Dorico project. I’m new and now I know I should have stated the project and added 14 flows to the project. and move on from there. Dorico’s output is brilliant. Cheers

Try Import Flows.


Thanks 4 the help. I came on to that solution a week ago. Yes it’s good. Now maybe you can help me on this. I’m producing a song book of songs from 6 different songwriters. Now how do I get the composer, lyricist name plus their publishing details to appear on each flow. 14 flows 14 composers -lyricist & publishers credits & copywrite notice at the bottom on 1st pages of each flow. Thanks

File menu again > Project Info.

There are fields for the Composer, Lyricist, Publisher, etc, etc (you can use any of them) for each Flow. Then add the ‘token’ for that field into the Text frame of your Master Page.

Depending how you organize your flows onto pages, you can instead change your flow master “page” (or create a new one) to show the composer and publisher information from Project Info fields. That is especially useful if you do not start each flow at the top of a new page.



Thanks folks for the help. Will try this avo. Cheers