142 to 146 BPM & Syncing samples/loops

Hi there,

  1. I just got a friend’s project wich is 142 BPM and I would like to change it to 146 BPM which I can remix it in my own way.
    But I notice as I increase the BPM each of the audio events get a little tiny arrow down and if decrease it I get a gap between the audio events. This mean the sound wouldn’t sounds right.

That can be a silly question but as I never been in such situation there’s someone out there to get me on the right way?

  1. And taking the opportunity to not botter you all again , I have some loops and samples within my MediaBay which sound really fast when I preview it with some of mine project. What should I do to make it match with my project?
    At mediabay there’s a option “Align Beats to Project” but it still sounding fast anyway.

    Thanks all

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no one? :open_mouth:
i know there is anyone out there who knows the anwser!

Look up Linear Timebase vs. Musical Mode for tracks.