15 hours left on license -- moving projects to new system

Hello - I am transferring old Cubase projects from an old laptop. Everything is going ok - I plug the dongle into the old one, backup to a thumb drive, then move the dongle to the new computer and copy from the thumb drive. But it’s going to take more than the 15 hours I have left to use the old laptop Cubase! What do I do when the time has run out!??

It is unnecessary to be running Cubase for that.

Retail licenses do not timeout. So your post raises questions about how or what you’re doing.

If I try to open an old project on my old laptop, to transfer my old projects, it won’t open unless I insert my USB dongle. So I take it from my new laptop Cubase 12, and inset it into my old laptop Cubase 9.5. As I am backing up my old files onto a thumb drive to transfer them to the new laptop, it says I just have 15 more hours to transfer.

You do not need Cubase to copy the project files in a file manager. Copy the files to an external hard drive and then to the new device.

I could do that, but then the audio files would be missing?


Simply copy the Cubase Projects folder to the new device. Do not open Cubase at all.

You really must learn how Cubase manages files in order to use it properly. If you don’t, you risk a world of pain if something goes wrong with your system.

Start here: Project Files

Also, very important – backup your projects to an external storage or to cloud storage.

In the old computer, with the USB key plugged in, run the Elicenser Control Center and carefully observe the licenses that are on it.
From your description, you are using the so-called 25 hour all applications license which used to come with the dongle in boxed products.

Thank you very much!!

So, I still want to be able to open old computer files on the old laptop, to decide if I want to transfer them, but I’m running against the clock - only 14 more hours of use. I have paid for Cubase 9.5, and updated to Cubase 12. Is there a way to use the 9.5 on my old laptop so I can continue this process without running out of time? Thanks.

  • Transfer all projects from source PC to destination PC.
  • Check projects on destination PC. Decide projects A B C are not needed. Delete project folders A B C.
  • Go back to source PC. Delete folders A B C. (No Cubase needed)

But as others have said before, the countdown for 9.5 shows that something is not right with your license. You should perform maintenance on the dongle from the eLCC application, if you want to keep using Cubase 9.5 on that PC.

For the other PC, you just install 9.5 from the Steinberg Download Assistant, and insert your dongle.