#15 What Have You Done?

#15 in my song a month until I run out of ideas project…

Share, enjoy and stay safe good folks.

Cubase 10.5, Superior Drummer 3, Halion 6 for the horns, a bit of sax, guitars, bass & vocals “real”.

Perfect song to lift me up after a hard day. It feels good! The band sounds like the E-Street Band. That’s a really good thing. I hope you don’t run out of ideas. Do you have a real band on hold due to the virus? I do. Very frustrating.

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Thanks @Early21 !
Really glad you liked it and lifting anyone after a hard day is absolutely a brilliant feeling. As indeed is being told I sound like the E-Street band (big Springsteen and Band fan).
At some point surely I will run out of ideas? So far since I started this I’ve completed more than I have for years. The initial target was a year’s worth and I’ve got past that so I think I can get to two years. As long as I’m still enjoying it and probably more importantly others are then hopefully it will continue.
No, sadly not been in a band since I left London five years ago…it’s one of the few things I really miss. I do (or did pre-Covid) play solo open mic type things, just me my Tele and Helix LT. It’s always good to play the songs live to people but way better with a band.
Thanks again and I really hope you’re back playing with your band sooner rather than later.

Hi Nic,

Lots of fun with this. Like Leon said, fantastic for the end of a hard day. Made me smile.

all the best


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Thanks moggs, glad you liked it and making folk smile is always a big plus for me.
Much appreciated, cheers, Nic.