15 years later, I think it's time to move to Cubase

The primary reason I have stayed with Nuendo for 15 years now has been that it has always seemed more stable than Cubase. Yes, we get some new features later in Nuendo than in Cubase, but the same is also true in reverse at times.

However, with the buginess and various just plain broken “new features” in both N7 and N8 at their initial release, I no longer see any better stability in Nuendo than Cubase. Amazing that I will pay full price to crossgrade within the same company from an initially $2000.00 DAW (more when you add NEK) to their now $579.00 DAW. Basically, I’m going to pay to own a DAW from the same company that makes the one I already own that is +/- 400% the price. That just seems odd, doesn’t it?

But I digress. If Nuendo is going to show up, as it now seems over the last 2 years and 2 releases, with as many or more bugs as Cubase then why not get the newer music production features sooner since music production is most of what I do? I suspect I’m not the only user who sees it this way. I may take a look at other alternatives in the process, but I’m not excited to start from scratch with another DAW.

Is it just me or do others see this whole scenario as a bit surreal? Defies logic for me at some fundamental level.

If you pay for it it will be logical. You will be justifying the business model.

“We” have said for years that Steinberg should simply offer a dual-license that covers both Nuendo and Cubase. Since Nuendo will contain all Cubase features it’s not like we’re not paying for them, and since we’re already paying far more for Nuendo a perk like being able to run either would be nice.

But like I said, we’ve been saying this for years. Either they don’t listen, or they just know that they can make more money this way.

Especially since the past two releases had such big bugs that took so long to fix (VCAs still not entirely fixed) I think at this point it would at least be a nice gesture to do something like this.

I refuse to accept a fix for the gui problem has been found but is only released to Cubase customers. I am sure we will see a hotfix VERY soon.
Steinberg please chime in and confirm you do not plan to leave N8 unfixed while Cubase is fixed.

I’m on a kickin’ PC that I built myself and my GUI performance and “snappiness” is great. That’s not an issue for me, thankfully. It’s more about the Nuendo issues of the last 2 years shattering the concept that Nuendo is a more professional product than Cubase in terms of bugs at the time of release… As far as I can tell, it is not. Therefore, might as well get on the front end of the feature curve for less $$$ over the long haul.

Again, I do mostly straight music production so as a Nuendo user, I’m in the minority.

For me it’s an issue that a release has bugs. It always has been an issue and I just disagree with those claiming “all releases have bugs” since the issue really is how big and how many they are when they say that.

However, what I find particularly irritating is when the upgrade is paid and there are either many or big issues with it, fixing them takes a long time, and then not even an “oops, we’re so sorry” afterwards. After all, who’s paying whose salary here? That is what I find distasteful.

I’m still using Nuendo 5 at home, and have Cubase 9 at work.

Only thing I miss now from Nuendo is ability to grab bits out of a audio files in the media bay. I guess it’ll come eventually to Cubase.

Mostly I’m looking at moving to Reaper, but it’s quite a hill to climb.

I’m in the exact same boat. I’ve been using Nuendo for over a decade and it’s now depreciated in it’s standing against Cubase that I’ve begun to wonder if I should switch.On the other hand I would miss a handful of small things and it seems crazy to have to switch just because of them.

I therefore resent Steinberg for putting me in this position. There just isn’t any logical reason for this model as far as I can tell.