1:1:50 Flam on start

Upon start there is, as far as I can tell, always a short flam!? Have tried with several sources, restart computer, soloing right channel… My screen recorder wouldn’t let me capture sound to I can’t provide a clip (can provide a project with just a rendered clip from Cubase if it’s helpful).

Hi @Torbjorn_Hedberg,

yes, please. A small project would be very helpful.

Thank you,

Here is a screenshot.

  • The top file is your basic annoying default click rendered in Cubase.
  • Bottom file is the exact same file, exported to VST Live, played back and recorded into Cubase. What you see mirrors exactly what I hear - a flam in the beginning. Also happens in other projects.

Here is the VST Live project
click flam.zip (245.6 KB)

1.1.50 adn 1.1.51

Thanks for the project and file. We can reproduce it now and will get back on the subject.

Thank you once more Torbjorn. That was a tough one, will be fixed with the next version.

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No one has promised life would be easy :blush:.
Joking aside - great that you’re on it.