15th SINE - The Blinding Truth

Hi everyone

I made this track when i upgraded to Cubase 7 when it came first came out.

I now am up to version 7.5

I had a fast 16th note arpeggio riff at first , i then selected the riff then halved it to 8th note’s with the Midi Logical function.

Plus i done this tune while i was overseas away on holiday , too my Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 i/o, NI Maschine Mikro MK 1,
Sehnihser HD-25 (DJ headphones) HP Laptop

VST : Audiorealism ABL Pro , Superwave8 , NI Massive , NI Maschine, NI Battery 3, Ummet Ozcan Genesis CM

This is a radio edit version, I do plan to make a second version (remix) but not sure what direction yet, this version is Club Trance, I think.

Look Foward To Some Feedback.

15th SINE - The Blinding Truth (Melodic Treatment Mix) Radio Edit - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_HrReKOoxA

I’m a fan of trance but found this a little too repetitive…yeah in a club it’s probably mega but to sit and listen to, like I said just too repetitive…s’pose I’m missing the point… :blush: really good sound and bottom end on my monitors though… :slight_smile:


Thanks you can’t always please everybody , but always good to some points.


I liked it. The only thing I might do is take just a bit off the top end – when I crank this, the beat really pulses nicely but the upper synths are just a tad grating :sunglasses:

Thanks , yeh I think I’m getting that vibe to one off the preset patches in the lead synth has allot of top end , I have to do another mixdown.


Suspect the lead synth in question was the Superwave 8. A good synth though. I thought the balance of the sharpness of the lead with the underlying arpegg worked well, although the track was a bit repetitive, even for my tastes.
Couldn’t help thinking of Chris Franke and his modular arpegg work with Tangerine Dream in the section near the end.
Quite liked it.