16-bit Special Edition not installing

I’m installing the NEK on Nuendo 5.5 on a Mac OS X 10.6.5.

When I run the HALion Symphonic Orchestra 16-bit Edition Trial Installer 1.3.2, i get the message:
“The Syncrosoft License Control cannot be installed on this computer, because the installed operating system version is too old. At least system version Mac OS X 10.3 (‘Panther’) is required!”

And the installation process stops.

Any ideas on a way around this?

Hi guys, am having the same very problem here too :blush: In my case I`m trying to install the HSO 16 bit edition on Cubase 5.5.0. Any kind of suggestions in this regards would really be great :slight_smile:

Did anybody found a solution to that problem? I’m reinstalling my system and I have the same problem.

Try to download the LCC from the actual website? Is it possible that the version you are installing from the package is outdated. Usually you cannot disable it from installing, but you can rewrite over it.

However I have had a problem with older plugins now looking for a file from the old Syncrosoft, could be a different story but be aware, perhaps move files off to desktop, don’t overwrite anything.

Thanks mpayne0 for your reply.
It works now : I installed HSO with “Mac Install 16 bit Content” after updating rosetta.

I got other problems with LCC 6.5. xxx (The lastest version)
Everything is solved since I rewrite LCC 6.0.xxx.

As everything is stable and work, I’m going to wait until update again LCC