16 Bit Version?

Can I still by the 16 bit version for a reduced price even after the expiration of the initial Cubase 5 offer? I only ask because I now see it available in the Steinberg shop for $99, but I wasn’t sure if it would work or not if I purchase it since my offer period has long since expired.

Maybe I should wait for Cubase 6 though and see what’s offered there. :wink:

I think the 90 days works as a limited llicence thing, so you can buy the full licence at any time. that’s how I remember it anyway…

I kinda remember that we also had 90 days to purchase the 16 bit library for $99, although I could be remembering that wrong.


I guess no one from Steinberg ever visits here then…

I guess they locked themselves out and deleted the cookies … :mrgreen:

Maybe I got it all wrong, even though I don’t think so, but wasn’t the 16-bit HSO an offer tied to Cubase 5 release and not sold. If you want to buy it you have to buy the 24-bit version?

I tried the 16 bit HSO for almost 90 days and bought it just a few days before it expired, and although I don’t recall the exact rules I have been aware of the 90 days limit somewhere in the back of my mind since I upgraded to C5 or whenever the 16-bit HSO deal was first published. I knew I had to buy before it expired if I liked it so I waited until I had some orchestral-ish stuff to test it on before even installing …

… and I liked it! :sunglasses:

Not over Christmas. My understanding of it is that you got the content on the installation DVDs plus a 90-day license, I don’t think there was any compulsion to update within that 90-day period because the licensing works the same as with any other Steinberg product, you buy an activation key and use the eLicenser Control Center to download the license.

Even now, if you start Cubase 5 and go to the Help menu, select “Steinberg on the Web” and then “Buy HALion Symph. Orch…” you go to a page where you can still buy the activation key. Well worth it IMHO.

Log into MySteinberg, and go to Shop > Halion Symphonic Orchestra 16-bit Activation

It’s $99, and worth every penny.

Yeah, I just spoke to someone whose 90 days were up a while ago. He had no problem getting the full licence at the deal rate from the SB shop, well after his time was up.

Cool. I’ll give it a shot.