16 hardware midi tracks, no sound?

16 hardware midi tracks, no sound?

Cubase elements 7
Alesis Andromeda A6.
Echo Mia PCI sound card (Sold my interface looking for new)

I know my Kurzweil and my Ensoniq ASR10 you can give control to your cubase with “MIDI” only mode *Assigned in globals menu)
The keyboard becomes dead UNLESS you press the arm and monitor and assign a midi track.

(I understand the basics)

But with 16 outputs on a hardware synth I need to do this correct.

I remember or thought you could just press the monitor button and the midi track mutes its audio track?

First I need to know how cubase elements is doing this correctly?
Do you make a master buss track and route the audio?
I need 16 individual midi audio tracks and im stumbling all over my self.

Everything is assigned with patch banks and individual channels into my Alesis A6 and I have 16 analog outputs (Ok using just two for this demo)

Can you explain the basic facts, do I need to create a send for each midi track?

All I need is the monitor button on the midi track to MUTE but it keeps playing so when I make a second track its layering and sending both audio channels from the midi to a stereo track.

You need 16 MIDI tracks in Cubase with their outputs assigned to the Midi output channels 1-16 of your midi interface (what are you using?).

You need an audio interface with 16 line-level inputs if you want to record all your available Andromeda Outputs in one take. What interface are you using or getting? 16 inputs are quite expensive. We use a MOTU 828mkII in conjunction with a MOTU 8Pre to get 20 simultaneous audio inputs.

Yes, if you mute the MIDI track then that part should no longer play audio. But right now it sounds like you are only using the Main Stereo Output of the keyboard which all tracks will be routed to by default. So, all Midi tracks except for the one you are recording should be muted. You can record each track of audio one at a time in this fashion.

If you do not have an interface how are you recording audio at all?

Using the Auxiliary/Line Input of an on-board soundcard for multitrack recording is not generally recommended because the A/D (analog to digital) converters are generally of poor quality which could create a cumulatively negative sound quality as the number of tracks increase. Of course, one must use what is available to them at the time. But, If you are planning on getting an interface soon, then I would suggest to only work in MIDI for now and do your audio recording once you have the interface.

Ok I got it, I had to create my hardsware as a VST under the midi device manager.
Then I had to turn my synth globals to “External midi” Or MIDI so the keys wont play on track one when you play track two.

Its called multimbre external hardware instrument.

This took a VERY long time to get working as it was very deep burried within my synth.

Also I had to go into multi mode in my synth and create and route each midi track in the synth to the software.

WHEEW, it actually took 3 months to make this work the way I wanted it.

After that I purchased Cubase 7.5/.